What's your top IntelliShell tip?

Tell the world about the top tip which makes IntelliShell the shell for you?

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Not really a tip, more of a hint: There is a hidden limit how many output tabs IntelliShell can open to visualize data thrown into the raw output. It is not a user setting, not documented (I think) and therefore good to know.
If you for example output data via printjson(array_var), or do an aggregate, this opens a new tab right next to the “Raw Shell Output” tab with that data. If you print 11 or more different data objects, only 10 tabs will open, further outputs will only show in the raw output, not opening a tab.

This fudged me up last week so keep in mind.
Workaround: Execute that part of the script that outputs the first 10 things with “Pin All Results” enabled. Do further runs with the rest of the script (by selecting these lines + F9 or delete code that already ran) which will add 10 tabs each time to the already existing (pinned) result tabs.

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Well spotted, and thanks for letting us know. Neat workaround too. I’ll drop a ticket into the tracking system so someone can have a look at it.

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Let’s give credit where it is due: 10-tabs-max hint and workaround are from the Studio3T user support, thanks to them :slight_smile: