What's your favorite feature in Studio 3T?

We’re looking for what you consider your favorite feature (or tool) in Studio 3T and how it helps make your working day better (or shorter). Inline editing? Tasks? Scheduling exports? SQL Migration or is it something else…

The ability to paste a query into the query bar and then tweak it in the Visual Query Builder is pretty awesome.

The ability to use the “Query Code” option as a template for aggregations has saved me tons of time.

And it’s a great way to see a query broken down into readable parts, without all the { } cluttering up your reading.

Easy one: Drag&Drop from within table or tree view automatically opens Visual Query Builder panel, this one kicks ass! I don’t know how many hundred times I’ve opened the Visual Query Builder via the button before dragging data into it until that feature came.
Drag&Drop data into VQB as well.
VQB in general! :rofl:

Edit: Maybe further mentions: Thank god (or anyone else) for reopening last connections on start (that makes “opening multiple connections at the same time” obsolete, I asked for that 1, 2 years ago), IntelliShell with all its features, Visual Aggregate Builder, the feature that builts the code query for anything I built in Visual Query Builder to use that more complex query in IntelliShell Scripts, the feature that converts code query into Visual Query Builder structure so that I can edit/extend it there… So much stuff… Studi3T for president :crown: :wink:

I don’t know since when this feature is in the settings but I discovered it yesterday when looking through:
Edit > Preferences > General > “Open Visual Query Builder in news collection tabs” :heart:
This enhances the already nice features that VQB opens automatically when you start to drag&drop data from tree or table view - it’s already there for you :wink:

In IntelliShell → Search Script History and in a collection → Search Query History
Saved my life multiple times now :ring_buoy: if I was too quick closing tabs, forgot to save script file changes, forgot to update IntelliShell Bookmarks code and so on, just like a few minutes ago, so: THANKS :heart: