There is no option for "Open a collection tab"

There is no option for “Open a collection tab”

The only way to view data is:

  1. Double-click the collection
  2. press f5 to execute the query to get data

Which is a long way to do it. Why can’t we just double-click collection to view data?

In the other version, I can see there is an option to do so. But in my case, there is no such option.

Is that a paid feature? If yes please ignore my question. But it’s a basic feature and should be free.

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I’m assuming you’re using Studio 3T Free? Studio 3T Basic and above offers the Collection tab, but in the case of the Free edition, the only available view is the IntelliShell.

However, even in the Free edition you can still achieve the same behavior: In the Preferences you can choose to have the default query executed automatically:

Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:


Yes, this is what I was looking for.
Thank you

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