Suggestion: Support ticket auto-reply with more infos / ticket link

Hey guys! :wave:
First things first: Studio3T Community?? Nice!! :partying_face: Very modern system, sleek look & feel, badges, what more could you ask for? Maybe one question: How to add new tags or are there only staff-created ones available?

Focus now! I created a support request via contact form today, because I had no idea that there would be a community release just a few hours later. I got an auto reply, but with no valuable information in it. I can’t see the text I wrote (to post it here in the community), no link to my support ticket (do you have a support portal or is it mail only?), there is no ticket reference number with which I could add/append new information to that ticket, I can’t close my issue (because I found a solution for example) etc.

Maybe my feedback helps somehow.


Glad you are enjoying the new community space. You should be able to create your own tags in the tags menu. If not, do let us know and we’ll check your settings.


Hm… doesn’t look like I can:

Ah yes, this is because you’re at the new user level on Discourse (the platform we use). We can, of course, boost users.

Yes, it works now :+1: