Studio 3T is freezing

Hello guys.

I have been having problemas with my Studio 3T, when i am writing a query and change the window (for example the brower) and when i comeback to the Studio 3T app, i can’t continue editing my querie because the app is freezed, this happens mostly when i am in Google Meetings in the browser.

My OS is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
My Studio 3T version is 2024.2.0

This only happens when a change the window, it never happened while i am in the studio 3t window.


Hi Adan, I see that you messaged our support inbox about this issue, so we will reply to your query there. We’ve not heard this from any other user, so this is rather unusual. We will have a reply to you today via the mail you sent us. Thanks for letting us know!