**[SQL Coder]** new to Mongo DB and Studio 3T

Hello everyone here,

Greetings to everyone here from my side (as a newbie to this portal and plethora of great stuff at Studio 3T and to Mongo DB as well).

My sincere apologies if this is a totally wrong section to be posting this query, Please don’t want to get myself banned/flagged so early : (

A little intro about myself,
I am a pure SQL Coder (having professional working experience of 12 years) on Database/Backend Coding along with the Data Analyst profile (of 6 years parallel to 12 years of total experience) using B.I. tool (Tableau). I have coded with/in Oracle T-SQL, Microsoft SQL (MSSQL using ssms), PostGreSQL, Amazon RedShift and MySQL mostly on Financial Datasets as my playground like Trading (Stock Market) Data, MutualFunds and the likes.

Well, recently (2 days prior to writing this) had to deal with Mongo DB and it’s horrors as few of our Financial Data is present on Mongo DB and with the pleasant reviews that I have heard about Studio 3T (Robo 3T, Robo Mongo) I wanted to deep dive into this world of “NoSQL” but as of now the only thing I want to scream is just the 2 letters “NO” to Mongo DB mostly because this thing (syntax) looks eerily scary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, First things first, then:

1.) What SQL are we trying to code in Studio 3T’s (OPEN SQL) section?
(is it just SQL or some flavour of SQL here like MS-SQL, Oracle T-sql, Mysql?)
because, there is this column “ts” (as in TimeStamp) in my Collection (a “table” in SQL terms) which is basically an ePOCH field that I want to convert it to a DATE TIME (either using SQL editor of Studio 3T or using the IntelliShell). I am more comfortable with SQL but not sure how to convert this “ts” from an ePOCH to Date TIME (as I am unsure about the SQL language being used in Studio 3T) :frowning:
If IntelliShell is more methodological, I will be equally happy to learn the delicate intricacies of Mongo DB BSON Coding.

2.) Can I get a Syntax to syntax comparison between SQL and Mongo DB’s BSON language, like say for example:
(in SQL) SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM <table_name> … would co-relate to a Mongo DB BSON code as how/what?

3.) After all these years of coding in SQL (being my bread and butter), this Mongo DB thing is exciting along with Studio 3T’s IDE but the lack of knowledge on Mongo DB is giving me sleepless Working Days at the office. Really sorry for sounding too novice on Mongo DB but this is what it is. So, yes this is post is like an S.O.S. / Distress call to all the Mongo-ers from an SQL-er.

Cheers and e-peace…