Mongo To Mongo migration

So, i’m using mongoose as my ORM and i have to change my schemas frequently, add new properties, delete old ones, etc. and i have to write migrations in javascript with migrate-mongo package, where i remove some property from all the documents in the collection, but i was wondering if there is the way to do this in Studio 3T. I saw the reschema tool, but it only moves data from one collection to another one. What am i missing?

Best practice says you don’t rewrite the collection you are reading from as you are rebuilding it. So Reschema writes to another collection and (once correctness is verified) you can swap it into place with the source collection.


i see, but reschema tool doesn’t make much sense to me when i can’t combine 2 fields into new one, for example users.first and users.last into users.fullName, or populate new fields with a default value at least. It seems that writing propper migrations in javascript is the way to go for now. Reschema is a premium tool and it has been least usefull to me.
i don’t understand this, why do we have SQL to Mongo, Mongo to SQL but not Mongo to Mongo. I have a legacy mongodb and i want to migrate it to new database, that doesn’t seem possible with Studio3T.

Good points, we’ll add it to the feedback we have for our next feature review. Thanks.