Login to DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB cluster

I have a instance of DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB v5 running and I can login through Dotnet App but I don’t seems to be able to do so with Studio 3T. I have tried both Authentication Mode Basic and Legacy and both failed with the error below. The connection string is “mongodb+srv://db-mongodb-nyc1-65342-a13cdee.mongo.ondigitalocean.com” with SSL/TLS.

What are the possible problems here?

Database error (MongoSecurityException): Exception authenticating MongoCredential{mechanism=SCRAM-SHA-256, userName=‘myamin’, source=‘admin’, password=, mechanismProperties=}

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I looked at DO’s documentation and it looks like there should be a button to copy the complete connection string (including the username and authentication database): How to Connect to MongoDB Database Clusters :: DigitalOcean Documentation

You can then just import that connection string and Studio 3T will extract all connection parameters, you only need to add your password. Is that what you tried?

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