Is it possible to pass an "Export source" and "Export target" as parameters to an Export task?

Use case: I have to generate 2000+ JSON files at least monthly for reporting. The data will be aggregated and written to individual collections prior to generating the files.

With the aggregations, I can write NodeJS code to ‘automate’ the aggregation after creating one in Studio 3T, copying the “Query Code”, and modifying it run in a loop. I would love to be able to do the same with scheduled export tasks.

Unfortunately not, as the export tasks run within Studio 3T and currently there’s no way to run them from outside applications.

You may want to add this to our uservoice page - Share your ideas with us: Hot (591 ideas) – Customer Feedback for 3T Software Labs GmbH which is one of our official source for ideas and requests.

Thanks. That was what I expected, but I will add it to uservoice page.