Intellishell behind corporate proxy

At the office, I’m behind a corporate proxy connected to an Atlas cloud MongoDB database (not a local MongoDB instance). I have configured all proxy settings available at Studio 3T. All is working fine, but Intellishell refuse to load and shows the messages attached at the end.

Can anybody tell me if is there any way to avoid this issue ?.

Thank you.

The MongoDB Shell has terminated. Click here to restart it.

// ============================ INTELLISHELL ================================
// Commands and scripts will be run on your configured MongoDB Shell.
// All executed commands and scripts share one shell environment, including
// declared functions and variables, until the shell is restarted.
// On top, IntelliShell adds some powerful tools to the regular shell:
// - F5 runs the entire script
// - F6 runs the statement at the current cursor position
// - F9 runs the current selection
// - Shift+Enter run the current selection, or the entire script
// if nothing is selected
// - Ctrl+Enter runs the current selection, or the statement at the
// current cursor position if nothing is selected
// - ESC offers you to restart the shell should you want to cancel the
// execution of the current command or script
// - “cls” clears the raw shell output tab
// - Run Shell Queries via Studio 3T for full access to query results
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Current Mongosh Log ID: 64493e9ed52157cc40391edc
Using Mongosh: 1.5.4

For mongosh info see:

MongoServerSelectionError: connect ETIMEDOUT

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Welcome to our little community! :slight_smile:

Our IntelliShell, unfortunately, still has rather limited support for proxies, as the mongo shell only gained support for proxies when mongosh became a thing (the legacy shell never supported proxies). What should currently work is having an SSH tunnel running over a proxy (as Studio 3T does the proxy handling in this case and then instructs the mongo shell to use the SSH tunnel as a proxy).

I know this isn’t ideal but this is definitely on our to-do list. :slight_smile:

Hi Rico!, thank you for the welcome and response. :+1:
Can you point me to a tutorial or reference about how to configure an SSH tunnel over a proxy ?.

The general setup would look basically like this: Studio 3T → Proxy → SSH tunnel → MongoDB server

The SSH tunnel server would need to be reachable through the proxy/live behind the proxy. I’m not sure how much control you have over the infrastructure, but the easiest way would be to just have an SSH server running on the same machine as the proxy server and then use localhost as the SSH server address.

Alternatively, you could set up a separate SSH server somewhere on the internet (like a VPS - Oracle has an Always Free VPS that should work well for this) and then use that server. :slight_smile:

On the Studio 3T side, the setup would be relatively easy: The Easiest Way to Connect to MongoDB | Studio 3T

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