Import multiple collections at once with archive dumps?

Hi guys,
simple question, I couldn’t find an answer in here: Is it possible to import multiple collections at once in the mongodump archive wizard? I have to import backup data daily and need multiple but not all collections, so I tried:

I tried “,” and “;” in “Import data only for collection” but it works with only one collection at a time.

Have a nice day!

You can only import a singular database or collection from a MongoDB archive. You’d want the data dumped in folder format to selectively import multiple collections.

The other option though is to run a throwaway instance of MongoDB locally, import the archive into that in its entirety, then export it in folder format (or use Studio 3T’s copy collection capabilities to copy between the local MongoDB and your production/staging DB).

I see. Importing the entire backup isn’t very efficient for really large backups because it may take up to an hour to finish but I maybe need just a few of the smaller collections for my backup-research.
Sadly I don’t have impact on what backup format we create/use, thats done by other teams, so I will do it as usual until now.