How can I disable the yellow help popups in 3t studio?

When I’m clicking the value field in the query window, a yellow popup help window appears and disturb me from see things.
I want to disable it completely.
How can I do it?

Hi there! When it appears you can close it with ESC - we don’t have a way to prevent this in general however but I can add your comment to our list for discussion for the future. Thanks for this :slight_smile:

Thank you.
It really annoying because a lot of time it hide the important content I want to see.
If you will give the option to disable this popup, it will be great

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That was one of my very first bug reports in June 2022, see here. Sadly this is still a thing and yes, it’s annoying and yes, it especially is annoying on small screens (laptop screen with 1080p resolution) where you don’t have much view space and this popup blocks big parts of it. I would really appreciate if the team would look into this.