Export to CSV Bug Report

hey Studio3t, wanted to share a recurring issue I’ve been having with Export to CSV. Currently, it can be a hit or a miss when I export to csv, as a few things can happen.

  1. The Export works fine and all headers/data are as expected

  2. The data is exported, but without column headers (due to them being left out), so then I need to either re-do the export or schedule a task for the export, which usually is how I get around this issue. It requires extra effort and if I’m querying multiple GBs of data, it can be a pain to re-do.

  3. Exporting the data just returns a blank csv file (happens enough to be an issue, I’d say 10-20% of time, depending on the collection I’m pulling from.)

Thanks in advance and enjoy using your product otherwise,

Hey Alex,

just so I’m getting this right, you a) sometimes don’t get column headers and b) sometimes don’t get any data at all?

Is this reproducible at all? Is there a chance you could send us your log.txt (and possibly log.0.txt, log.1.txt, …)? Easiest would be to email it to support@studio3t.com. :slight_smile:

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Hey Rico, that’s correct. Is there directions I can follow to get my log.txt file?


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It looks like you’re on Windows, so the logs would live in C:\Users<your username>.3T\log.txt (as well as log.0.txt, log.1.txt, …) :slight_smile:

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